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The Divisions of Pulmonology & Neonatology of the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital have the pleasure in announcing the Here be Lungs 8th Conference titled “Here be Lungs”.

Here be lungs”. as in “Here be dragons” is a reference to the situation sailors of old found themselves in when they sailed off into the unknown, the uncharted waters.  In Chinese, ‘lung’ means ‘dragon’ and the lung in Chinese medicine is the boundary between the inner and outer world. The lung is the whole respiratory system and has to do with boundary, breath and renewal and across this boundary vital materials are taken in and waste materials excreted.

The aim of this conference is to navigate newly described and insufficiently explored neonatal, infant and childhood lung conditions as well as cardiac and pediatric intensive care related lung conditions   through state-of-the-art lectures in the respective fields. International speakers include Profs Andrew Bush, Petr Pohunek, Fabio Midulla, Ernst Eber, Heather Zar and Luc Zimmerman.

The conference is preceded by a Bronchoscopy Workshop on the 6th March at the Stellenbosch Lodge nearby.

Against the backdrop of the beautiful Winelands, the academic program is aimed at a wide range of subjects, including: antenatal diagnosis, approach to neonatal lung conditions and persistent pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung diseases,  congenital lung disease, cystic fibrosis, asthma and the wheezing infant, airway management, bronchoscopy, lung surgery, lung biopsy,  interaction between the lung and the heart , interpreting chest x-rays, indications for chest CT and / or MR scans young children, ultrasound of the chest ethical dilemmas, unusual lung infections, chest wall deformities, viral infections, lung function, respiratory support for the sick child and lung malignancies.

With warm regards from the organizing committee – Johan Smith & Pierre Goussard


Our Speakers

Clinical Head of the NICU and Level III Neonatal Services in the Department of Paediatrics & Child Health at the Stellenbosch University and the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. Interested in the design and development of novel synthetic lung surfactants. Neonatal resuscitation project, titled: Characterization of neonatal thoracic properties during ventilated cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Prof Johan Smith

Tygerberg Children's Hospital

Head of Pulmonology in the Department of Paediatrics & Child Health at the Stellenbosch University and the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital
Prof Pierre Goussard

Tygerberg Children’s Hospital

Professor Mariana Kruger is a paediatric oncologist and ethicist. She is currently a full professor and executive head of the department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Tygerberg hospital, University of Stellenbosch, as well as a founder member and co-principal director of South African Research Ethics Training Initiative (SARETI) UKZN, funded by Fogarty International, NIH, USA since it’s inception in 2003.
Prof Mariana Kruger

Tygerberg Children's Hospital

Head of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health and Director of the Division of Paediatric Pulmonology at Red Cross Childrens Hospital at the University of Cape Town. As a clinician scientist, her work encompasses clinical responsibilities, administration, research, education and training. After she specialised as a paediatrician and then as a paediatric pulmonologist, she completed a PhD at UCT on respiratory illness in HIV-infected children.
Prof Heather Zar

Red Cross Childrens Hospital

MD FHEA FRCP FRCPCH FERS FAPSR ATSF Professor of Paediatrics and Head of Section (Paediatrics), Imperial College Professor of Paediatric Respirology, National Heart and Lung Institute Consultant Paediatric Chest Physician, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
Prof Andrew Bush

United Kingdom

Senior Specialist in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Tygerberg Hospital (University of Stellenbosch) from 2003 to present Clinical Fellowship in Congenital Cardiac Surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in 2005. Clinical Fellowship in Adult Cardiac Surgery at Toronto General Hospital in 2004. Special interest in Mitral &aortic valve repair, Thoracic and cardiac surgery in children.
Dr Jacques Janson

University of Stellenbosch

Professor of Paediatrics, Head, Division of Paediatric Respiratory Diseases, Paediatric Department, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Prof Petr Pohunek

Czech Republic

Professor of Pediatrics and Head of the Division of Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergology of the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. American Thoracic Society Fellow (ATSF) and Fellow of the European Respiratory Society (FERS).
Prof Ernst Eber

Head of Pediatric Pulmonology & Allergology

Associate Professor of Paediatrics. Head of Paediatric Emergency. Department of Paediatrics, Policlinc Umberto I, “Sapienza” University of Rome. Past Head of the Paediatric Assembly of the European Respiratory Society
Prof Fabio Midulla

Associate Professor of Paediatrics

Executive Head, Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care, University of Stellenbosch Medical School. Clinical and Research Interests: Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular and Pediatric anesthesia; Haemodynamic and Airway management. Personal interests: computers, valve amplifiers, hiking, watching and assisting my two wondrous kids grow up
Prof Andrew Levin

Universiteit Stellenbosch University

Dr Annemie Malherbe

Dr Andre Gie

Professor Luc J.I. Zimmermann's main research interest is in neonatal lung development and related neoanatal lung problems, currently the President of the European Society for Paediatric Research. (Co-)organiser of several (inter)national meetings & conferences, such as the Fetal & Neonatal Physiology Society meeting (Maastricht 2008), European Society for Paediatric Research conference (Porto 2013), European Academic Pediatric Societies conferences (Barcelona 2014, Geneva 2016), European Conference on Perinatal Medicine (Maastricht 2016), Joined European Neonatal Societies Conference (Budapest 2015, Venice 2017)and Joined European Neonatal Societies Conference (Maastricht 2019).
Prof Luc Zimmermann

Maastricht University

Søren Pedersen, MD, DMsc.is Professor of Pediatric Respiratory medicine at The University of Southern Denmark. Since 2015 he has been the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). He has been a member of the Science Committee of GINA for 20 years. In addition to presenting scientific lectures around the world, Søren Pedersen is an author/co-author of more than 350 scientific publications, an active peer reviewer for several international medical journals. In 1986 Professor Pedersen wrote his MD thesis on "Inhaler Use in Children with Asthma" and since then he has been actively involved in paediatric asthma clinical research, especially in the areas of inhaler devices, problems with asthma control assessment, clinical impact of poorly controlled asthma and the safety and efficacy of inhaled corticosteroids.
Prof Søren Pedersen

The University of Southern Denmark

ENT surgeon at Tygerberg Hospital with special interest in Paediatric ENT and Head and Neck surgery. In collaboration with Professor Pierre Goussard, Professor Jacques Janson and the paediatric pulmonology team, he forms part of the Tygerberg paediatric airway team.
Dr Marc Merven

Tygerberg Children's Hospital

Clinical Professor of Paediatric Allergy, Imperial College London Honorary Consultant Paediatric Allergist – Imperial College Healthcare HNS Trust
Prof Adnan Custovic

Imperial College London

Prof Eric Bateman

Clinician in Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, Professor of Pulmonology at Stellenbosch University. Research includes infectious & pleural diseases, preoperative assessment of lung resection candidates and applied transthoracic ultrasound & interventional pulmonology. Teaches ultrasound skills (including bronchoscopy with endobronchial ultrasound, transbronchial needle aspiration, endoscopic lung volume reduction and thoracoscopy). Vice-president of the South African Thoracic Society (SATS).  Founding member & Chairman of Interventional Pulmonology South Africa (IPSA), which aims to improve the quality of interventional pulmonology in South Africa and to train as many pulmonologist as possible in the various techniques. Serves as the SATS representative on the Board of Regents of the World Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP)  
Prof. Coenie Koegelenberg

Stellenbosch University


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